GeoType Get to know your customers better

Targeted marketing, more conversion, better service ... the advantages of customer segmentation are widely known. But until recently, Belgium lacked a strong and user-friendly segmentation model.

Hence the reason for GeoType: 15 consumer profiles that give you unique insights into every Belgian household. Up-to-date, reliable and instantly usable.

15 profiles from young families in green spaces to senior citizens with an urban flair

The consumer profiles sketch out a good picture of your customer:

  • What phase of life is your customer in?
  • What is your customer's purchasing power?
  • What does their everyday surroundings look like?
  • What is their family situation?
  • What type of home do they have?

With the answers to these and other questions, you can segment your customer database in a flash. What's more, you can easily compare the profiles and see the mutual differences at a glance.

Discover all about GeoType's 15 profiles

GeoCells towards fine-grained customer segmentation

How exactly does GeoType work? Using Belmap, GIM's digital 3D model of Belgium, we divide the country into thousands of GeoCells. These are clusters of 10 to 15 neighbouring households, on average, with similar characteristics, such as type of home, surroundings, phase of life and income. We then link a shared consumer profile to each GeoCell.

Reliable address details open the door to a wealth of information. The result: a powerful tool for fine-grained customer segmentation, which also meets strict privacy legislation.

There's no such thing as a typical Belgian, just as there's no typical customer. By approaching every Belgian (potential) consumer separately with GeoType, you're simply working a lot smarter.

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Customer segmentation with GeoType: 6 benefits

Create a reliable picture of your customers

Detect opportunities more quickly

Respond to real needs and wishes

Compare sales outlets with up-to-date data

Plan campaigns with higher conversion

Make more targeted use of your budget

Want to really get to know your customers?

Want to know more about GeoType or find out which types are strongly represented in your customer base?

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50 years of expertise

GeoType is a product from GIM and the Dutch company GeoMarktprofiel, which together have 50 years of expertise in location analyses, segmentation data and data analyses.



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