Master address management

A single reliable address database for all your business applications

All addresses combined in a single reliable source

Belmap master address management provides you with all addresses and related information for Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Plug your (web) applications into Belmap and always enjoy the most reliable address data.

Up to date, complete and accurate.

Focus on your core business

and let our address data work for you

reliable databse

The most complete
address database

Daily updates

daily updates

stable identifier

Stable identifier
for every address

user feedback

User feedback
service with SLA

Up-to-date data from users, for users

thanks to the Belmap data team

Data management is people-work. Through the Belmap feedback service, users have a direct link to the data team.
Have you noticed a new address or is an existing address no longer current? Report it via the fast feedback procedure with guaranteed service.

This way, all customers benefit from each other's reports and our data stewards ensure that Belmap remains your most trusted source.

A stable identifier for each address

New street names, municipal mergers, renumberings. There are many possible reasons for changing address information. In that case you risk losing the link to all the underlying information.

That's why every address in Belmap has a stable and unique ID. In this way, all users can count on maintaining the link between the address and the information in their own database at all times. GIM's update processes are set up in such a way that this stable ID is maintained at all times.

Since 2018 more than 180.000 adresses in Belmap preserved their stable ID compared to open data addresses. 

More than addresses

Accurate insight into buildings and plots

Accurate insight into buildings and parcels, tailored to your needs. In addition to addresses, Belmap contains a wealth of information about buildings and their occupants.


  • Function, characteristics and day/night occupancy of a building give you insight into the occupants and their usage patterns.
  • With GeoType, you learn all about the profile and lifestyle of households.
  • The age of a building and the presence of solar panels provide useful insights into energy consumption.
  • Parcel information gives you information about the geometry of the plot and the presence of gardens and swimming pools.

How users save time and money through better address management


Flawless address management at BD Media

BD Media optimizes its door-to-door campaigns by leveraging Belmap's accurate address reference file to determine target sectors and corresponding letterbox numbers efficiently.



Central address management of the purest water at De Watergroep

Correct address information is 'key' for De Watergroep's operational and administrative activities. To manage this information centrally, the largest water company in Flanders opted for a unique internal application with Belmap as its data source.



PostNL Belgium uses Belmap API for the flawless delivery of parcels

Thanks to Belmap API, the parcel company has quick and easy access to accurate and up-to-date address data in Belgium. The addresses that PostNL receives via web shops are then automatically checked and standardised. 



CatID & DogID: All pets at the right address

The Belmap API easily links apps and websites to the Belmap database of address data. Thus, CatID and DogID use the most current addresses anytime, anywhere.



Want to benefit from a single reliable address database for all your business applications?


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